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Staff Professional 


STEMA is an Internationally accredited organization, and KHDA Approved. We help Educators become certified in STEM education to deliver STEM education in their classroom through STEM-certified programs


Internship Programs

STEMA center is the right destination for interns who wish to develop workspace skills and go through a quality learning experience working in the real market with the team and management. It also helps them to practice hands-on tasks on the latest technologies related to Engineering and IT.




We provide maker space for university students to innovate and create their projects using our STEM lab facility and under the supervision of our expert engineers. 


Competition Coaching


We help universities run their engineering and IT competitions; these challenges can be locally developed or participate in international contests such as Hackathons, IEEE, GCC, and VEX Robotics.
STEMA teams have been the champions in the National VEX Robotics Competition since 2017.


Engineering and IT Specialized Courses 

It's an excellent way for your engineering and IT students to learn and develop new skills that help them prepare for future jobs. And be current with the technical market. Ensure quality of students' education to be decision makers, problem solvers, lifelong learners, creators, and innovators.

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