Robotics (C programming)

Specialized robotics courses, learn about sensors and mechanics, program your robot and watch your code interacting with physical world. 

Smart Home (IoT)

Internet of Things technology is leading, get into the train and learn more about this technology design smart-automated systems communicate through internet.

Embedded Systems (Arduino)

Learn about embedded systems and electronics, use open-source micro-controller like Arduino to control and program electronic system (based on C programming). 

3D Design (CAD)

Learn how to use industrial 3D design software to design and create 3D models, bring them to live using 3D printing technology.

Humanoid Robot (Python) 

use humanoid robots to learn about artificial intelligent (AI), image processing and voice recognition. Program them using python/ graphical programming.

Competitions Training

prepare and training teams to participate in international/ national competitions.


Educate to Innovate