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After School Activities


It's an excellent way for your pupils to learn and develop new skills and ensure the quality of students' education to be decision makers, problem solvers, lifelong learners, creators, and innovators. where we bring the STEAM experience to you!


Field Trips 

STEMA center is the right destination for schools that wish to provide their students with a quality learning experience through our hands-on edutainment activities on the latest technologies such as Robotics, Drones, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, and more! 


Competition Coaching


Train and prepare teams to participate in national and international Robotics competitions such as FLL, VEX, and WRO.
STEMA teams have been champions in the national VEX Robotics Competition since 2017.


STEM Lab Set-up 


We help schools build their STEM lab for the targeted age groups; we advise on the most suitable and affordable tools that provide a comprehensive and progressive STEM Experience. The service includes providing the school STEM tools, curriculum, and PD training for the teachers.


Teachers Development 

STEMA is an Internationally accredited organization, and KHDA Approved. We help teachers become certified in STEM education and be independent in delivering STEM education in their classrooms through STEM-certified teachers' programs.


STEM Curriculum and Consultation  

Our academic consultants help schools evaluate their STEM delivery and provide a customized STEM curriculum aligned with the academic curriculum based on the schools' needs, allowing them to implement STEM education for K – 12. 

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