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Online Programs


STEMA is committed to empowering the lives of children by providing them with all the resources they need to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our programs ensure that all of our youth succeed in all the different aspects of life - at home, in school and in our community. Take a look at our variety of programs, and learn about everything we have to offer today!


years old

Coding for Kids

Be introduced to the fun world of coding, learn principles of programming, conditional statements, loops, variable, and events, using a block-based coding environment.  Explore programming through game design, develop challenges and characters from scratch, then test and play your game with others.

Age Group: 6 - 8 years

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years old

Virtual Robotics

Program a virtual robot using a block-based coding environment powered by Scratch Blocks. Enhance knowledge in important concepts and areas of physical science, technology, and mathematics. Apply testing techniques to control virtual robot sensors and solve multiple challenges. Solve different challenges, such as finding a way out of a maze and navigating the robot using color and distance sensor.

Age Group: 8+ years

vex vr.jpg

Minecraft Game Design

Be introduced to the fun world of coding, learn principles of programming, conditional statements, loops, variables, and events using a block-based coding environment.  Explore programming through the Minecraft Education Edition platform. Develop challenges and characters from scratch, then test and play their game with others.

Age Group: 8+ years


Virtual Reality


Program and Design Virtual Reality Environment with a 360-degree view. Program pallets and add 3D texture in their design. Learn how to add a path, camera features, create new scenes, and upload different 3D designs.

Age Group: 9+ years


Augmented Reality

Learn more about Augmented Reality (AR) technology, design 360-degree environments with 6 view (full dimensions), create 3D models and view it on an AR Cube to give them the physical experience of the designed environment, program the created environment to interact with the cube in the physical world

Age Group: 8+ years

Merge-Cube-Dig-HiRes copy.jpg


years old

3D Modelling & Design

Be introduced to the world of 3D modeling and design. Learn how to design 3D models using CAD software and apply engineering design techniques. Learn how to design and sketch models for real-life use, take accurate measurements and decide relative dimensions based on Science and Math.

Age Group: 9+ years


Mobile Applications


Learn how to design and develop your own mobile application. Learn fundamentals of programming and build a fully functional application to be downloaded in your smart-phones and tablets. Use web-based platform and visual programming environment.  Become technology creators and be engaged in computer science.

Age Group: 9+ years 

mobile app.png

Artificial Intelligence

Learn about image processing activities, along with machine learning, by programming an AI machine using Python language. Write codes that use image processing, voice recognition, and Machine learning features. Explore image, text, speed, and human body recognition, natural language processing, and other functions

Age Group: 9+ years


Virtual Drones


Learn how to control and program virtual drones using the Python Programming Language. Be introduced to the fundamentals of programming, how to make conditional statements, loops, and variables using python language. Be introduced to autonomous programming and how to integrate sensor readings (like GPS, IR, and Distance sensor) to operate the drone

Age Group: 9+ years 

Roboduel Drones VR.jpg


years old


Be introduced to the micro-controllers world, control electronic systems, make them smarter and automated by adding code to your circuit.

Age Group: 10+ years

Electronics Circuits online.jpg

Python Programming Language

Be introduced to Python and some of its important concepts like conditional statements, looping, functions, etc. Increase logical ability to solve any coding challenges and real-world problems.

Age Group: 10+

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