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Registration |

What is the students’ age group for joining the competition?

Ages 8 – 15 years old are allowed to join the competition. Judging will be divided into two age groups: 8 - 10 years, and 11 - 15 years.

How many members per team?

MMC accepts individual (1 member) registration. On the other hand, a team can have maximum of 3 members.

Do all members of the team need to pay 500 AED?

Yes. The registration fee of 500 AED is for one person only. Each member has to pay 500 AED.

Can Teams have supervisor and is the supervisor included in the 3 members limit?

Teams can have supervisor, the supervisor is not included in the 3 members limit. So you can have 3 members plus the supervisor.

Can the supervisor help his team solve the competition challenge?

It’s a competition for students, supervisors should not interfere directly in solving the challenge, but they can provide guidelines and encouragement to his/her team.

What are the payment options?

  1. You can do bank transfer or deposit, wherein bank account details will be provided during the registration process.

  2. Another option is by visiting STEMA at Oud Metha Dubai to pay through card or cash.

What is the next step after payment registration?

After registration process, you will be provided with your Minecraft Education account access. After then, you are good to start your Sustainable City!

Can two different age group participate together?

Yes, they can participate together and the team will be judged for the higher age group category.

Orientation & Training |

Who can attend the online orientation sessions on 5 – 6 March?

On 5-6 of March, all participants who registered are required to attend the orientation together with their supervisors. They will be receiving the online meeting link for these sessions.

Is there a payment for the orientation session on 5 - 6 March?

No. This two (2) orientation session is already included on the 500 AED registration fee.

Who can attend the 5 Training Sessions?

Participants who registered on the training sessions can attend. There is an extra payment of 500 AED for this 5 session. This training is optional.

Are we required to register for the Training sessions?

No, Stema Minecraft course is optional. It is recommended for students who are new to Minecraft or new to Minecraft Code Builder. Additional training fee is required (500 AED per participant).

Is there a payment for the training sessions?

Yes. It is 500 AED per participant, for total of 5 sessions.

What are the dates for the Training sessions?

  • 12 March, Friday
  • 13 March, Saturday
  • 19 March, Friday
  • 20 March, Saturday
  • 26 March, Friday

Will Stema Minecraft course teach teams how to solve the MMC challenges?

No, Stema Minecraft course is an introductory course. Students undertaking this course will be introduced to Minecraft education platform, learn how to navigate in Minecraft and learn how to code through fun and interactive activities.

Submissions |

What do you mean by submission of presentation?

Students should submit a PowerPoint file on 22 May. A template of PowerPoint presentation is provided and could be downloaded on this website (www.stema-center.com/mmc)

Where can we send the submission requirements?

Submissions to be sent to the following email address, mentioning team name, members, and school name (if applicable): info@stema-center.com

Will the presentation affect the overall score?

Yes, it will as mentioned in the judging criteria.

Judging Day |

Where will the Live Judging on 28 - 29 May be held?

It is an Online live judging, so you don’t have to present physically on a certain location. It will be held online through the Zoom Meeting Application. Participants will be assigned in different rooms and time slot where they can present their work privately with respective judges.

What to expect on the judging day?

Participants will be required to present their Power Point slides, and do a virtual tour of their Sustainable City.

Who can attend the Live Judging Day?

The live judging will be announced for public, so everyone can attend and socialize: parents, supervisors, teachers, others. However, all interviews, question and answers will be done privately in separate online rooms with the judges for team’s convenience.


How could we claim the STEMA Course discount vouchers for participants?

Vouchers will be sent to participants by the end of competition along with the participation certificates.

Would the participants receive a certificate after the competition?

Yes. Certificate of Participation will be provided to all who joined the competition, then there will be other type of certificates for the winners.

What will be the awards and prizes after the competition?

Please refer to the competition manual, Page 10.

Minecraft Platform |

How can team members work remotely on Minecraft?

Team members can work remotely on Minecraft education platform by using "host" feature. A teams member can host using the provided competition template to invite their team members into the same world.

Can a student participate if he/she is not familiar with Minecraft platform?

Yes, he/she can participate. The competition is open for all students irrespective of their knowledge of the Minecraft education platform.

Can a team use any other platform than Minecraft education version?

Only Minecraft Education version is allowed to be for solving the MMC challenges.