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 13 - 18 Yrs Courses

Robotics using VEX V5

This course will give students hands-on experience in designing a mobile robot to solve multiple challenges using Python programming. Allows them to hone critical computational thinking skills.


Advanced Robotics using LEGO EV3

Learn how to Design advanced robots, learn about simple machines and objects manipulation, apply testing techniques to identify improvements.


Drones and Aerodynamics

Learn how to program drones to fly, move objects, and take photos. Learn Aerodynamics principles and do drones move, and how to collect data using sensors. 


3D Printing & Design

Use your imagination to design and create your 3D printed city using CAD software and 3D printer.


Circuits and Arduino Programming C++

Learn circuits fundamentals, current and voltage relationships, and how to connect electronics to build a working circuit controlled by the Arduino microcontroller. 


Robotics International Competitions

Train and coach teams to participate in international Robotics competitions like FLL, VEX, and WRO, winners in national competition will represent UAE in finals.

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Robotics using LEGO EV3

Students will learn how to create robots that respond to their commands and interact with the outside environment. Use sensors to solve real-life problems and automate their robots through coding.

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Engineering Design & Mechanics

Explore the world of mechanics, build simple and powered machine.  apply and experience physics concepts through hands-on activities.


Micro:bit Coding club

Learn how to code a pocket-size computer, make exciting projects based on embedded system, such as: compass, game controller, wearable fitbit and much more using Python! 


AI Using Python

Introduces students to AI concepts and their real-life application, machine learning models, programming AI machines using Python, voice recognition, image processing, human body recognition, and natural language processing.


Python Programming Language

Be introduced to Python and some of its important concepts like conditionals, loops, functions, etc. Increase logical ability to solve any coding challenges and real-world problems.


Mission Mars

Build a Space Rover to travel, explore and live on Mars! Work as scientists and engineers to progress through missions, like Collect rocks samples, Save your crew, launch satellite, and much more! 


Advanced Robotics using VEX V5

​Learn how to apply robotics concepts such as lifting and safe releasing mechanisms through hands-on experience designing a mobile robot to solve multiple challenges using Python programming. Learn how to test and identify design flaws by programming and utilizing motors and sensors.

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Smart Home

Students will learn how to automate their home prototype. Learn the basics of electronics and coding, understand the input-output modules through hands-on inventions, and apply the design-thinking process. 



Start your own business and be your own boss, learn how to select partners, rise funding, select company name, Supplies, break-even, service scheduling and working with unhappy clients.  


Mobile App Development​

Learn fundamentals of programming and build a fully functional application for your smart-phones and tablets using visual programming environment. 


Smart City

This course introduces students to smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT), and 3D Printing & Design, to build and design smart sub systems and connect them together through clouds.


Game Design Using Unity

Learn how to develop games using Unity. Unity is a cross-platform, power-packed game engine that allows the developers to create high-end games. Students will learn programming and designing skills. 

Other Courses

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