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Registration |

What is the students’ age group for joining the competition?

Ages 8 – 14 years old are allowed to join the competition.

How many members per team?

A team can have maximum of 3 members.

Do all members of the team need to pay 1,050 AED?

No. The 1,050 AED fee per team that includes three members and the supervisor.

Can Teams have supervisor and is the supervisor included in the 3 members limit?

Teams can have supervisor, the supervisor is not included in the 3 members limit. So you can have 3 members plus the supervisor.

Can the supervisor help his team solve the challenge?

It’s a competition for students, supervisors should not interfere directly in solving the challenge, but they can provide guidelines and encouragement to his/her team.

After registration, how can we get the items: the robot and game arena?

There are two ways to get the kit and arena: (1) Pick up at STEMA Center, Oud Metha Dubai or (2) through delivery to your provided location wherein there will be an extra charge of 25 - 30 AED.

How many robots will each team receive?

Each team will receive one kit with one robot and a one game arena.

Do we get the arena chart with the kits?

Yes. You will be receiving the kit with the arena itself, together with all the game elements which are all included in the registration fee.

What are the payment options?

You can do bank transfer or deposit, wherein bank account details are provided in the game manual. Another option is by visiting STEMA at Oud Metha Dubai to pay through card or cash.

What is the procedure of sending the kits for those interested to join from countries outside United Arab of Emirates?

Delivery can be arranged outside the country. The only requirement from your side is printing the arena in your local printing shop. Otherwise, kits could be sent as per your provided location. Delivery charge will vary based on your location. Since the game arena will be printed from your side, there will be a discount on the registration fee.

How could we claim the STEMA Course discount vouchers for participants?

Vouchers will be sent to participants by the end of competition along with the participation certificates.

Training |

Who can attend the online training on 5 – 7 November?

On 5 – 7 of November, all participants who registered can attend the training together with their supervisors. They will be receiving the online meeting link for the training, together with a user guide regarding all preparations that should be done before the training.

Submissions |

What do you mean by submission of presentation?

Students should submit a PowerPoint file on 22 November regarding their research, mentioned the judging criteria. The students are asked to submit presentation and source code to avoid technical problems during the live competition, to be reviewed by the judges.

Where can we send the submission requirements?

Submissions to be sent to the following email address, mentioning team name, members, and school name (if applicable). info@stema-center.com

Will the presentation affect the overall score?

Yes, it will as mentioned in the judging criteria.

In the presentation, it’s shown in the judging criteria that students requested to present at least one of the latest technologies used to fight against the spread of Covid-19, do you mean technologies in general?

Yes. One of the competition goals is to encourage participants to enhance their research skills, analyze and collect data. Participants have to investigate on how countries all over the world have been using technology to fight the spread of Covid-19, like temperature measurement, image-processing, and more!

Live Competition |

How can a team be qualified to the live competition?

All participants will be able to participate in the live competition.

Where will the Live Competition on 27 – 28 November be held?

It is an Online live competition, so you don’t have to present physically on a certain location. It will be held online through the Zoom Meeting Application. Participants will be assigned in different rooms where they can present their work privately with respective judges.

What to expect in the interview on the competition day?

Participants will be required to present their presentation that shows at least one of the latest technologies have been used to fight the spread of Covid-19, present their approach of solving the robotic challenge, and explain their code and used algorithm in details. Then answer judges question regarding the presented content.

Could the presentation be in Arabic or English?

Presentation can be presented in English or Arabic.

Who can attend the Live Competition?

The live competition will be announced for public, so everyone can attend and socialize: parents, supervisors, teachers, others. Where they will be able to watch the live matches (while robots are solving the mission). However, all interviews, question and answers will be done privately in separate online rooms with the judges for team’s convenience.

Mission |

Is it possible to get help from STEMA instructors?

STEMA instructors will be providing an online training on 5 – 7 November for all participants only, the training will include basic knowledge of coding, movements and how to program sensors.

Referring to the Judging Criteria - Mission Evaluation: there is one criteria about the robot going back to the airport, could the robot move forward or backward?

They can go back to the airport using any way they want; may it be forward or backwards. The most important thing is that they have to follow the black line successfully to be able to get the full score.

After Competition

Would the participants receive a certificate after the competition?

Yes. Certificate of Participation will be provided to all who joined the competition, then there will be other type of certificates for the winners.